The Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce Industries (VCCI) is Authorized to Issue non Preferentisl Certificate of Origin (“COO”)

The Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce, Industry (VCCI) is one of Chambers of Commerce, for issuing the Certificate of Origin

VCCI issues certificate of origin to both member and non-member companies. This is a document, used to certify that the export products are wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in India. It is generally an integral part of export documents. VCCI also attests Export Documents like Invoices, Packing List, and Declaration etc. as required by the applicant for facilitating their trade activities.

For Issuance of certificate:

  • Applicant is required to submit the required document “for issuance of Certificate of Origin” at Chamber’s Office.
  • Applicant must submit an additional set of documents for Chamber’s records, with each application for Certificate of Origin.
  • The certificate will be issued under seal and signature of the issuing authorities.

For issuance of Certificate online (E Certificate of Origin):

  • Applicant is required to visit the website of VCCI and select the option “E Certificate of Origin”
  • On the given page, Click on “APPLY ONLINE”
  • Please complete the page, pay the charges on line as per the “Rate List” and hit the button “submit”.