The following advantages will be available as an exclusive advantage as a VCCI member.


  • Free Helpline Services in various areas of business to for members to take advice from subject matter experts and offer suggestions for resolution of the issue. For issues of impact on entire trade, VCCI may also take up the matter with Government departments or submit recommendations.
  • Conduct seminars on changes in Government policy for members to update themselves with the latest rules and regulations. This will give members opportunities to keep up with competition and adapt to global economic changes.
  • Issue recommendation letter to Embassies and Consulates for grant of visa for overseas business travel.
  • Issue Certificate of export documentation and endorsement (Certificate of Origin) at concessional rates.
  • Labour Advisory services.
  • Use of Board Room / Meeting Room at Concessional Rates.


  • Opportunity to gain visibility and expand business by participating in meetings with visiting Delegations, Consular Corps and dignitaries from India and abroad.
  • Informative meetings focused on growth, networking and increasing visibility to local businesses.
  • Business & Marketing Workshops focused on providing growth strategies for all businesses.
  • Free Employee participation in Employees Training & Development Programmes.


  • Great platform to network, interact and build business relations with various experts of industries, business leaders during events held by VCCI.
  • VCCI recognises outstanding performance and contribution of organizations to the growth and economy of the region every year by announcing – VCCI Excellence awards during AGM. Members are encouraged to apply for these awards.
  • Members can be exclusive sponsors for VCCI events pertaining to their field of business activity to be in the spotlight and gain maximum exposure.

Promoting Your Business

  • VCCI Monday Magic: Members get an opportunity of advertising their events/ sales/ products/ business activities/ promotions through the VCCI email list to all their fellow members as well as members of the Women’s Wing and the Youth Wing.
  • VCCI magazine - ‘Entrepreneur’: Members can place their advertisements at concessional rates in both the online version as well as the quarterly print version of the VCCI in-house publication - Entrepreneur. Each issue is distributed electronically to all members, Government departments, Industrial organisations, Chamber of Commerce in the city, State and the country. Every issue will also have a link on the VCCI website homepage.
  • Website Banner Advertising: Members can generate business through advertisements on the VCCI dynamic website. ( Free for a limited period of time)
  • Member to Member Discounts: Members can avail of discounts on various services and at various establishments through Member-to-Member discount schemes